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About Design Originals of Texas

Chase Dame is the owner and Residential Designer for Design Originals of Texas, a custom home design firm. Design Originals of Texas has offices in Austin and Houston, as well as clients from across the country. The firm handles clients ranging from modest ranch homes to grand estates for high-profile clients including professional athletes and musicians.

Chase comes from a background in home construction that provides him insight into the practicalities of building custom homes that really satisfy his clients. He has honed his design philosophies through 26 years of successful home design. His plans have been tested in the best way possible, they have been built!

Design Originals of Texas is now excited to expand this business to include a unique Website that offers their existing designs for sale, and educates house plan-hunters and encourages them to try a custom-designed home.

How are we different from other house plan sites?

At the usual house plan sites, they are eager to sell you a house plan from the thousands of generic stock plans that have been created for their publishing sites. At Design Originals of Texas, we want to sell you a custom-created plan that will allow you to build your dream house.

At most sites, their plans were not drawn for an actual client, they were created in bulk as typical plans that might work for someone. They expect you to buy several, pick the parts you want, and have them redrawn by a Residential Designer or CAD service. They know their house plans almost never work as-is for a real customer, but they sell them to you at full price anyway.

At Design Originals of Texas all of our plans were drawn for real clients; real families with real needs to be met. Much of the time, this is a lengthy process of working closely with the Residential Designer and the client's builder until the plans are just right. This makes our plans already a better bargain for you. If you find one you like, you can buy it and save yourself the time and money that another family has put into that plan.

We want you to modify our plans!

Another big difference between us an the big stock plan publishing sites is that we know that you want to modify your house plans, and we want to help you do that. We offer a Preliminary Plan that comes with a license to modify it. You can take it (or several) and have it redrawn with your changes. We don't make you buy a non-returnable high-dollar plan just so you can use a few of its rooms.

Stock house plan retailers may let you print a sample of a plan, but you can't legally do anything with it but look at it. They hold the copyright, and don't sell you a license to use, change or have it redrawn without buying the most expensive version of the plan, usually between $1000-$4000.

But for only $500 Design Originals of Texas will give you a printable PDF of our plan PLUS a license to have it changed or redrawn. This can be done by us or by someone you are already working with, like an Architect or a Residential Designer.

Contact Design Originals of Texas

Send an

Call our office at 1-877-60-PLANS [607-5267]

Use our mailing address: 10713 Ranch Road 620 N., Suite 511, Austin, TX 78726

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